Mad Fiber may rise again!

Bob Stapleton outbid SRAM for the patents and trademarks of the Mad Fiber Wheels.


great article about Skratch Labs

Skatch Labs makes great stuff, Gatorade and other sports drink killers.  This article is a great read about how it cam e to be and the science behind it.Image


new gear…

It’s a Neckerchief, Neck Gator, Cravat, Scarf, Foulard, Headband, Hairband, Facemask, Earwarmer, Balaclava, Hat, Wristband, Ascot, or Bandana !??   Looks like a cool piece of gear for biking, skiing, or whathaveyou.


making Point Boro more bike friendly

At a town council meeting last night, Parsons Brinckerhoff of Philadelphia presented their bicycle/pedestrian plan for Point Pleasant Boro, and outlined many great ideas on making our town more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.   This is a step in the right direction, come on council and make this stuff happen!