Mad Fiber may rise again!

Bob Stapleton outbid SRAM for the patents and trademarks of the Mad Fiber Wheels.


new gear…

It’s a Neckerchief, Neck Gator, Cravat, Scarf, Foulard, Headband, Hairband, Facemask, Earwarmer, Balaclava, Hat, Wristband, Ascot, or Bandana !??   Looks like a cool piece of gear for biking, skiing, or whathaveyou.


making Point Boro more bike friendly

At a town council meeting last night, Parsons Brinckerhoff of Philadelphia presented their bicycle/pedestrian plan for Point Pleasant Boro, and outlined many great ideas on making our town more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.   This is a step in the right direction, come on council and make this stuff happen!