Review: SCHWALBE Ultremo ZX Tubeless Folding Tire

I ride a lot, in all weather. Schwalbe is my favorite tire company period. Road tubeless tires keep me riding- and not repairing flats. I commute on a bike 40 miles per day in rain, mud, gravel, on and off road. These are extremely durable and puncture resistant.

With the bonus mounting fluid applicator the tires slipped on my tubeless Easton rims easily without any tire levers. The bead is hefty and seals excellent with the included doc blue (re-branded Stan’s) sealant. On my rims I can install these with just a floor pump- no compressor!

Double bonus is the included metal valve core removal tool. I also like the fact they are sold in a pair as all cycling tires should be.

Mine weighed in at 296g- just about as advertised. After 600 miles I’m qualified to say they feel very smooth riding. I’ve been running them at 90-100 psi without any issues. Very grippy- love love love them!


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