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Maxxis Padrone tubeless road tire review



After spending a year on Hutchinson road tubeless tires I was ready for something different.   Atoms were too lightweight and puncture-worthy, Intensive too heavy.  Maxxis Padrone tires are middle of the road in weight, and super fast rolling.   Their carbon fiber bead was easy to mount too.  

These were the first tubeless tires I was able to install and inflate without an air compressor!  They fit nice and tight like most carbon fiber beads on my Stans NoTubes converted Vuelta Corsa rims, seal it once and forget about leaks.  They stay nice and firm for a long time with minor pumping required no more or less than ordinary tubes.

After 1000 miles I can say they have a pleasant and swift ride.   In short they’re another great replacement for Hutchinson tires.   A really nice bonus that each tire comes with a set of tire levers.